Silicon Carbide(SiC)

Silicon Carbide is a widely used semiconductor material for medium to high voltage power components. This is due to its inherent properties of wide band gap and high thermal conductivity.

  • WeEn SiC Power Diodes have a current range from 2A to 40A, voltages of 650V and 1200V and are available in a variety of industry standard, SMD and through-hole power packages. Both single and double SiC diodes are available. SiC diodes feature extremely fast and temperature-independent switching, enabling a higher power density and excellent efficiency in fast switching applications such as Vienna Rectifiers, PFC Boost Converters or Full Bridge Inverters. Enhanced efficiency and the resulting lower temperature in the application will contribute to higher reliability for designs. Special Low Charge (LQ) versions are available. The WeEn SiC diodes come in different generations. The latest generation for 650V is Gen.6, featuring a lower VF for lower conduction losses. The latest generation for 1200V is Gen.2.
  • WeEn SiC MOSFETs will soon be introduced. The first SiC MOSFETs are 1200V, with various RDSon values, including 160mΩ and 80mΩ and can be as low as 30mΩ. Packages will be TO247-3L and TO247-4L as well as other popular industry standard packages. 650V SiC MOSFETs are also planned, with RDSon values of 30mΩ and 60mΩ. WeEn SiC MOSFETs are normally-off, enhancement mode devices and are an excellent choice as the switch in very fast switching PFC Boost Converters, for example.
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