AC-Mains Power Tools
Market Demands
  • High performance & robust Power Tools
  • Electronics must survive when Power Tools are misused or when the motor stalls
  • Continuous high current capability
  • Electronics must be able to withstand high temperatures
  • High power density, combining  small size and high power
  • Space reduction and lightweight solutions for modern designs
System Overview


Application Focus


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WeEn Solutions
  • WeEn produces planar passivated Triacs and SCRs, for best high voltage and high temperature ruggedness
  • WeEn SCRs and 3-Quadrant Triacs have excellent immunity to false triggering
  • Especially for high power designs, WeEn offers the Internally Insulated TO-3P package (SOT1292)
  • Currents of 25A, 40A and 45A in Internally Insulated TO-3P
  • Current range up to 30A in TO-220